They're definitely most women's - and also mine - best friends. Even compared to shoes, dresses, purses, etc. COFFEE and CHOCOLATE always won for me.
They're so pretty and brownish...
I love brownish *.*

COFFEE runs like blood through my veins!
I can't even survive for 3 hours without my coffee (only when I'm sleeping of course) and CHOCOLATE is the reason for me being so sweet, hahahah.

Now I have some random COFFEE-pictures for you ;D

Feel Beautiful...

Feel Beautiful, even if people tell you different.
They're wrong, because every person is beautiful.
It isn't true what people say; that there are some persons beautiful on "the inside". Everyone is beautiful on the outside.
It just takes a single person to realize it.

Don't shed a single tear. Because someone does see how beautiful you are!!

 Just because those "beautiful women" in the magazines look different from you, doesn't mean that you can't be more beautiful than them!!

Always be yourself!
It's the most beautiful thing to be...

New Harry Potter Pictures

Here are some new Harry Potter Pictures, because quite many people asked me to do more of them^^

It always ends with a big bang BOOM!! =D
I hope you enjoyed it ;)