Reading reveals Fantasy

Reading reveals our Fantasy.
Even Darth Vader read the Harry Potter books as you can see. I read them too and as I already told you, I have watched the last movie today.
The movie is really fantastic and well done, I have to admit, but in the end I really missed some things.
The fact that Neville was born the same day like Harry and therefore could have been the chosen one, if Voldemort had decided to attack him instead of Harry, wasn't made clear.
In the end I also missed Harry telling his son to greet Professor Longbottom and I was also very irritated when Harry simply broke that kind of super-wand. In the book he repared his very own wand by using that one...
But as I already mentioned, the movie was really well done and I totally enjoyed it!!
Reading, though, leaves more room for fantasy and nothing is left out. I love reading...

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