The most beautiful places in the world

The most beautiful places in the world don't actually have to exist in the real world, because the most beautiful place in the world is our imagination. There actually are some places in the world though, which you would think to be an imagination, because they're just so breathtakingly beautiful.

 The Taj-Mahal in India, for instance.
It seems almost to beautiful to be real, that a thing like this exists in a world ruled by hate and war. Things like this are one of the reasons some people still live. There are many people that don't want to live in this cruel world anymore, but when it comes to such stunningly beautiful things, that exist here, they have got something to live for again!


London - Big Ben
There are some towns in Europe, too, which I think of as beautiful and inspiring. Venice and some other towns in Italy, Paris and London.


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