LOL - Laughing Out Loud

The French movie "LOL - Laughing Out Loud" is definitely one of my most favourite movies ever!
Even though I wasn't always such a fan of French people and their language, I loved this movie right away. Especially because Sophie Marceau starred in it and I grew up with the "La Boum"-movies, where she played the leading role.
Anyway, I think Christa Theret (Lola) is totally beautiful and I just love her French voice. The story feels like a third part of "La Boum" to me and that's why I love it even more!!

In my opinion Christa Theret and Jérémy Kapone give a perfectly cute couple. They're both really beautiful people and have awesome voices. Not that they match because of that, but I like those facts about them.
They look so cute together.

My favourite scene is the one where they drive to the UK in that bus and Mael (Jérémy Kapone) walks up to Lola (Christa Theret) and seats himself next to her. In that scene his behavior totally reminds me of a dog. But a very cute one!

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  1. Anonymous29/3/13 20:37

    The film is really sweet and great . I love the film . The scene were they came together is great . I like the first version with Christa Theret more than the secent version with Miley Cirus.Thank you for the great photos. I love them .